The digital presence provides a vast uplift to sales, so the brands need to build their online stores with a particular focus on the website design for E-Commerce. As an e-commerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting ensures that your eCommerce website delivers a simple experience and seamlessly integrates your physical store and online store.  We evaluate e-commerce website builders to find the right platform for your brand and customize functionalities. Our solutions include API-fication of an engine, systems integration, and custom-building business applications. We deliver our solution across channels and devices. ​


Our engineers customize the various components of e-commerce like Products and Catalog, Product information page, order management system, CRM, and payments pages to provide a unique experience. We also work with third-party components and integrate with the eCommerce platform. 

Our delivery methodology is Agile, and we utilize DevOps and Automation to implement e-commerce at the speed of digital. The technologists work in a focused group called POD and have talent from other work streams like Design & Creative to ensure that the solution is well-rounded.

The core platforms that we use to provide eCommerce websites are

  • Wix (Legend - The highest tier partner)

  • Shopify

  • Magento 2.0

  • Word Press/WooCommerce 

Organized Desk

Wix E-store is a good option for small to medium-sized eCommerce stores. As an eCommerce website builder, we have trained engineers certified by Wix to build regular eCommerce sites and advanced websites with functionalities using Velo.


Key Highlights

  • WIX Legend Partner

  • Delivered over 50 projects

  • Certified for Editor X development

  • Certified for Velo development


We help you leverage the versatility of the world's leading e-commerce platform Shopify to its full potential. Our eCommerce website design strategy is to create sites optimized for search and mobile. Our team of experts creates a solid SEO Shopify strategy to secure a higher influx of your target audience to generate more leads and sales. As an e-commerce agency, we provide data-driven strategies like keywords research, on-page & off-page optimization, link building, technical SEO, site maintenance, Shopify PPC advertising etc. We create a carefully planned Shopify eCommerce site for you that is secure, easy to use, and navigate.

Shopify ECommerce Development
Magento 2.0


As an eCommerce agency, Pravaah recommends Magento Commerce to provide a better in-store experience, increasing loyalty and sales of products. Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open-source technology to offer online merchants a flexible shopping cart system, decoupled UI, content, and functionality of an online store. A typical implementation of Magento can take between 12-16 weeks and is better suited for mid-sized enterprises which can continue to support the solution upon delivery. The underlying technology for Magento 2.0 is PHP and Pravaah provides deep expertise in PHP to deliver a robust solution.


The idea behind our web design for e-commerce is to create the ideal shopping experience through appealing product pages, a user-friendly purchasing process, a seamless user experience, and an easy-to-navigate mobile interface for mobile users. We offer a holistic eCommerce strategy with the latest website design trends built by our skilled WooCommerce development team. We create search engine optimized sites aimed to convert visitors into customers.

Our WooCommerce web design team can design and customize your site to meet the specific demands of your project. We also customize your complete website experience, both on the front and backend.

Wix Web Design For Ecommerce
Omni Channel Commerce


Omnichannel E-commerce is a unified e-commerce experience for customers, no matter which digital device or platform they are using. Omnichannel Commerce provides every experience of e-commerce on each and every digital device. According to the research, it is shown that 75% of online shoppers use multiple channels while purchasing online.

As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting will help you build great device-friendly E-commerce to have beautiful experiences for your customers. Pravaah Consulting works with different channels of e-commerce to provide you and your customer an experience of the store at home (E-store). 


API-fication is one of those tools that new economy leaders are using to grow revenue 5% faster than usual, create integrated sales/marketing offers with their partners 15% more often and deliver new products and services 21% faster than all other competitors in the market.

As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting provides the API-fication of the engine to accommodate all of the data in one place, to have a secure and easy way of beginning the business. Pravaah Consulting gives you a system for all your suppliers, customers as well as your vendors, to keep them in one place, i.e., Cloud Storage-based working.

API-Fication Of Engine
System Integration


System integration is the process of bringing all the component sub-parts of different systems into one system or can say aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality. The system integrator integrates all the variety of techniques in which the system is functioning.

Pravaah Consulting is the solution for all the integrations, we work on integrating your sub-components, so as to make them work all together. As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting connects all of your workings on a single end. Setting up your business parts to bring in single is all Pravaah Consulting things to do.


Back-end development is referred to as the server-side of an application. Everything that communicates between the database and the browser is referred to as the backend of the website.

In Back-end Development, Pravaah Consulting is primarily focused on how the site works. As an Ecommerce website builder, we work on the backend of your site to bring the audience or clients to your company or business. We work on the development and monitor the backend working of the site, to provide effective results in your site and conversions for your business.

Back-End Development Services
Devops & Automation

DevOps is a modern epic approach to culture and automation. The platform design is intended to deliver the increased value of business and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality modern service delivery. Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks with reduced human assistance, and more technicality. 

Ultimately, automation in DevOps covers everything right from the building, deploying, and monitoring. Pravaah Consulting is a leading Development and operational company. As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting will help you with all the processes to get you an automated working for your brand.


What is the most important element of eCommerce website design?

The most important element of eCommerce website design is to be user-friendly. It increases the ease of navigation and, in turn, the possibility of increasing conversion. Another aspect to consider for an ecommerce website is responsiveness where the website is compatible with various screen sizes (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile).

What type of eCommerce platform do we offer?

We as digital agency work on different E-commerce website builders such as

  • WIX
  • Magento 2.0
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
We also offer custom-building applications, systems Integration, Back-end Development, DevOps, and automation services.

How do we design a commerce website?

At Pravaah consulting, we design the website for our clients by taking into consideration basic factors such as usability, affordability, amongst others. The various aspects of a website like content, illustration, layout design, color themes play a significant role to set the first impression.

Why choose Pravaah Consulting?

We are a well-established digital agency with a large satisfied customer base. Pravaah Consulting is the “legend partner” of Wix. We have successfully delivered more than 50 projects in record time. Being certified for Editor X development and Velo development make us highly reliable. We also have dedicated team for development on Magento 2.0, Shopify and WooCommerce. Depending on the customer’s situation, we evaluate platforms and provide recommendations.