In a world full of digital presence and online stores, are you also looking to build your E-Commerce store? Want to get more sales and more income from your business, so let’s get started and create an E-commerce store. E-commerce is a platform where you can list all your products and people can buy it from there, Pravaah Consulting is an ecommerce website builder that will help you to grow from store to E-commerce store.

As an ecommerce website builder, We work on different E-commerce builder websites to create efficient and effective websites of your need and according to your business requirement. Pravaah Consulting uses omnichannel strategy, API fiction, System integration, and many more to provide you with a better e-commerce experience. Let’s take you to the channels Pravaah Consulting uses for website development and know how we can help you with the best services for your store.

Omni channel commerce




Magento 2.0





Omnichannel E-commerce is a unified e-commerce experience for customers, no matter which digital device or platform they are using. Omnichannel Commerce provides every experience of e-commerce on each and every digital device. According to the research, it is shown that 75% of online shoppers use multiple channels while purchasing online.

As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting will help you build great device-friendly E-commerce to have beautiful experiences for your customers. Pravaah Consulting works with different channels of e-commerce to provide you and your customer an experience of the store at home (E-store). 



Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows everyone to set up an online store and sell their products online. It's designed to help people build their own, scalable online store with thousands of built-in features, and tons of apps. Anyone can sell products directly on their website and across multiple marketplaces and social media platforms. 

As an ecommerce website builder, we will help you to get your business on Shopify to get an online presence of your business. Pravaah Consulting gives you the flexibility to get your business on any of the omnichannel commerce platforms to give you a user-friendly experience of an online store.

Magento Commerce is one of those Omnichannel commerce where you get a better in-store experience which increases both Loyalty and Sales of your products. Magento is an eCommerce platform that is built on open-source technology to provide online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, control over the look system, content, and functionality of an online store.

As an Ecommerce website builder, we use Magento to build your store to get amazing eCommerce features and customer reviews of your products and sales.



API-Fication of engine



WooCommerce is the most popular and used WordPress plugin to build powerful eCommerce stores. It provides an outstanding omnichannel experience by offering many options to a user. Woo-commerce provides working as Omnichannel commerce. 

Other than Magento, As an Ecommerce website builder, we also keep our hands upon Woo-commerce online store builders to have great selling and managed usability experience of the seller and buyer.


The Wix E-store is a solid solution for small to medium eCommerce businesses. It's suitable for both physical and digital goods. As an ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting gives you a great choice of platforms to build your website with an efficient number of features to be shown for a great eCommerce platform.

Pravaah Consulting provides you with a wider choice of omnichannel eCommerce to choose between.


API-fication is one of those tools that new economy leaders are using to grow revenue 5% faster than usual, create integrated sales/marketing offers with their partners 15% more often and deliver new products and services 21% faster than all other competitors in the market.

As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting provides the API-fication of the engine to accommodate all of the data in one place, to have a secure and easy way of beginning the business. Pravaah Consulting gives you a system for all your suppliers, customers as well as your vendors, to keep them in one place, i.e., Cloud Storage-based working.

System Integration



System integration is the process of bringing all the component sub-parts of different systems into one system or can say aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality. The system integrator integrates all the variety of techniques in which the system is functioning.

Pravaah Consulting is the solution for all the integrations, we work on integrating your sub-components, so as to make them work all together. As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting connects all of your workings on a single end. Setting up your business parts to bring in single is all Pravaah Consulting things to do.

Back end development



Back-end development is referred to as the server-side of an application. Everything that communicates between the database and the browser is referred to as the backend of the website.

In Back-end Development, Pravaah Consulting is primarily focused on how the site works. As an Ecommerce website builder, we work on the backend of your site to bring the audience or clients to your company or business. We work on the development and monitor the backend working of the site, to provide effective results in your site and conversions for your business.

DevOps and Automation



DevOps is a modern epic approach to culture and automation. The platform design is intended to deliver the increased value of business and responsiveness through rapid, high-quality modern service delivery. Automation is the use of technology to perform tasks with reduced human assistance, and more technicality. 

Ultimately, automation in DevOps covers everything right from the building, deploying, and monitoring. Pravaah Consulting is a leading Development and operational company. As an Ecommerce website builder, Pravaah Consulting will help you with all the processes to get you an automated working for your brand.