7 Best Fonts For Email Marketing Campaigns

Choosing the right fonts is crucial for any digital marketing campaign, and it’s one of the most important things to consider when designing your email template as well. And not just the right font weight, height, color, spacing, lining, and width; everything matters.

Most businesses have embraced what email marketing offers, and they have adopted it full-fledged by catering to consumers’ needs while promoting the latest products and services.

Reaching your target audience long after they’ve visited your website is essential to keep them coming back. But, any old and boring email won’t do. Presenting your email marketing campaign in a captivating way is what hooks them to your brand and to read your email.

Fonts are one of the critical ingredients of your design elements that must go right. Email-friendly fonts make it easier for viewers to read what you have to say, likely getting more conversions. People spend around 13 seconds reading an email, and if your fonts are not readable, your potential customers might get frustrated, which is something you don’t want.

7 Best Fonts For Email Marketing Campaigns

Do Email Fonts Really Matter A Lot?

Damn YES!

Fonts come in various sizes, styles, shapes, and spaces, which can impact your reader significantly. Font style and size can make a huge difference in how the audience will perceive your brand. Your font can match a specific theme, set a perfect tone for your brand’s personality, and capture your audience.

The fonts you pick can make or break your campaign’s marketing success. 70 percent of viewers will delete an email within 3 secs if it’s not formatted correctly. Fonts can affect the overall look of your email. Like colors, fonts have personality attributes as well. And your brand can maintain its persona and value through the fonts you use.

Do Email Fonts Really Matter A Lot?

The Best Fonts For Email You Can Use

Today, there are over 200k fonts available, and most of them are categorized into four font families based on similar designs.

1. Sans Serif

San Serif appears as modern, humanistic, and clean. Many consider San Serif the most suitable font for an email copy then its counterparts. For example, Spotify uses San Serif font in its logo.

Sans Serif Font

2. Serif

Serif is easily recognized due to the decorative strokes after every letter. They are considered formal, old school, reliable, and traditional fonts, ideal for headings and bigger-sized text—for example, WeWork.

Font - Serif

3. Times New Roman

Created by Times Newspaper, this Serif font is evergreen. Times New Roman is famous for its traditional, classy, and authoritative style. This font style can be majorly used for headings due to its narrow letters.

Times New Roman

4. Open Sans

Open Sans is a part of the San Serif family that has recently witnessed tremendous growth. With over 11 trillion views, Open Sans was designed mainly for digital content. This font style features ten different font types - it is easily readable, appears friendly, simple, and minimalistic.

Open Sans

5. Lato

Lato is one of the best fonts for email design and perfect for lengthy and complicated text paragraphs. These fonts have well-rounded letters, giving a natural appearance to the font style. Lato is famous for its simplicity and welcoming font style.

Font - Lato

6. Georgia

Developed by Microsoft, Georgia is from the Serif family, commonly used in magazines and newspapers. This font style is typically perceived as formal and authoritative and is an excellent choice for long email content due to its wide-spaced letters and well-defined serifs.