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How To Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business In 2022

Moving into 2022, many still view LinkedIn as a platform to get jobs and share job postings. But, it's much more than that. The times have changed, and you must realize that LinkedIn has a broader scope. For businesses in the B2B segment, LinkedIn is rapidly turning into a social media marketing platform to attract more clients. Moreover, this platform is an excellent place to expand your network, build awareness, and establish client relationships.

The Power Of LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business In 2022

For your information:

  • LinkedIn is the world's leading business networking platform, with 722 million users since January '22.

  • 25 per cent of all American adults use LinkedIn, among which 22% use it every day.

  • In 2021, over 80 per cent of social media-generated B2B leads will arrive from LinkedIn. Today, the professional platform has more than 500 million registered users, with 260 million-plus of them using it at least once a month.

  • Above this, 61 million LinkedIn users are sr-level managers/executives, and 40 million are in decision-making positions.

Aren't all these stats enough to tell you why you should use LinkedIn for business!

From building connections and partnerships to generating conversions and increasing your brand awareness, you can do several things with LinkedIn to make it an asset for your digital strategy. Unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to establish and strengthen your business relationships.

Entrepreneurs even use this professional platform to expand their email marketing list with their connections and network. To help you leverage this marketing platform, we have created some tips and tricks for you to find new partners and clients to flourish your business eventually. Before we move on to that, let's introduce you to LinkedIn.

Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing

Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has a vast scope when it comes to your business. You can use LinkedIn to promote your business to prospective clients and partners by posting interactive content and participating in discussions. Millions of people leverage this platform regularly to expand their businesses and career. LinkedIn showcases you and your company to many people you can develop relationships with and boost your brand.

This professional networking platform is about developing careers, exploring opportunities, building professional connections, participating in industry events, and other business-related activities.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing for your Business

Since LinkedIn comprises different audiences, marketing calls for a different approach to get the desired outcomes. LinkedIn is less about selling or promoting your products and services compared to other social media platforms. LinkedIn doesn't encourage you to push your business outrightly, and evident hard-selling techniques are highly disapproved. Henceforth, having a specific marketing strategy for your business is crucial.

As per sources, business marketing on LinkedIn produces 277% more leads than Facebook marketing alone. After a survey conducted, B2B marketers revealed that LinkedIn brings 80% of their social media leads. If used correctly, it is an effective marketing tool for your business.

While using Linkedin, always remember that: Aggressive marketing and sales pitches don't go well on LinkedIn. You need a proper marketing approach to align your business goals.

How To Use

LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business

Having a LinkedIn profile is as essential as having a website for your business. You can create a business page for free if you have a company name & email. Let's show you how to set up your business page step by step.

Step 1:

Click on the Work icon in the top right corner of the LinkedIn homepage.

Step 2:

Go to "Create a Company Page" and select an option from the drop-down that best suits your business type.

Step 3:

You will find 3 options for the business type -


Showcase Page

Educational Institution

Choose "Company" and look up your page identity and company details.

After filling out the details, verify the page to confirm that you can operate the account on behalf of your company.

Step 4:

Lastly, choose "Create Page." And remember that you might get an error message if your page doesn't comply with the requirements. If you don't get any errors, choose "Start building your page."

LinkedIn Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Business in 2022

The marketing experts and business leaders have laid out some excellent marketing tips to grow your business in 2022.

1. Create superior-quality content

Good content is an excellent way to pave your path to success and accomplish business goals. To create high-quality content, ensure it's highly targeted, and it should provide solutions to a problem or help build yourself as a leader in your business niche. This content marketing strategy will help you offer value to your audience through your content.

2. Expand your email marketing list

Boost your email marketing list with the help of this professional platform. You can draft a letter to your network, thanking them for connecting with you on LinkedIn and inviting them to your email marketing list. LinkedIn allows you to send a message to 50 individuals at once. You can add a direct link where your contacts can subscribe to your email. It would help if you mentioned what they would receive by subscribing to your email list in exchange.

3. Create an Excellent Business Page

It is crucial to have your brand's consistent and up-to-date presence on the LinkedIn page. Make sure your business's LinkedIn page is regularly updated, and inculcate a habit of updating your profile once in a while. Ensure colours, pictures, and content aligns with your company's website and other social media channels.

4. Establish Connections & Relationships

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for career-oriented people to connect with individuals in their industry. You should connect with your strategic partners, prospects, and other business owners as an entrepreneur. After making these connections, it's your job to convert them into strong business relationships.

5. Gather Data & Be Analytical

Digital marketing without research and data is unlikely to get any results - the same applies to LinkedIn marketing. The analytics tool on LinkedIn offers you in-depth data on how your published content performs. Without gathering valuable data and analyzing them, marketing on LinkedIn will waste your efforts and time.

6. Use Sponsored Updates

Publishing sponsored content on LinkedIn is the same as other social media channels. However, the difference is the potential to pin down the demography or the target audience to small details like company size, skills, and job title. Sponsored ads can effectively target your prospects with a suitable call-to-action. These days, the audience doesn't like seeing typical ads; they want something valuable for free.

7. Leverage LinkedIn Marketing Tools

Using marketing tools on LinkedIn is an effective way to drive your digital marketing efforts. LinkedIn offers an array of organic and paid marketing tools. Partnering your marketing efforts with these tools is critical to your brand's reach and engagement.

The LinkedIn marketing tools can help you build the following -

  • Captivating organic presence with LinkedIn Business Pages

  • Help you amply the post reach and interact via ads

  • Support you in measuring and improving your marketing efforts to steer more impact


Making the most of the LinkedIn marketing platform can tremendously boost your company's sales. Whether using LinkedIn for paid promotions or promoting blog posts to your network, this platform can help you and your business with endless opportunities to create awareness, get conversions, and boost traffic that meets your business goals. Using this professional platform with the help of the best digital agency in USA is a smart way to expand your reach in the B2B marketplace.


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