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How TLP scaled its sales growth to a whopping 70% in just one year

Our Impact

TLP’s cruelty-free products are formulated using raw ingredients to benefit the hair and scalp. They considered several aspects before designing their platform to spread awareness about their products and yield maximum results. However, despite consistent efforts, their website and marketing efforts went awry. This is where Pravaah Consulting came in. Together, we worked to assess and identify the problem area and develop a robust strategy to improve their performance.

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$5 M

EBITDA improvement opportunity


reduction of fleet size due to resource and route optimization

<2 Months

timeline to quantify performance improvement potential

The Full Story

TLP is an environmentally conscious company that uses natural and organic butter, oils, and herbs that help strengthen the hair while aiding hair growth. This eco-friendly platform offers natural curly hair products for women aiming to get healthy and shiny hair through natural curly hair care products, educational hair sessions, and custom consultation. TLP products for natural curly hair are formulated using research to identify the raw ingredients that most benefit the hair and scalp. They also value and utilize consumer input to finalize formulations.

The Love of People is an environmentally conscious platform that offers natural curly hair care products for women.”

Project Timeline



Assess initiatives



Conduct bottoms-up quantification



Prioritize value creation



Develop road map and governance


After digging deep and evaluating the company's website, SEO, and social media strategies, we identified some factors contributing to their problems and a steady loss of income.

  • The main issue with TLP was that they didn't have a marketing partner to help with their branding and marketing strategies. As a result, the brand faced some marketing problems and could not achieve satisfactory results.

  • Another concerning factor was a non-intuitive website that heavily contributed to the low conversions ratio.

  • TLP needed to work on the website to gain visibility in the search engines, drive higher traffic, and as a result, get more conversions.

  • And lastly, creativity was another missing piece that needed attention when it came to engaging social media presence and advertisement campaigns.

Website Design



  • Conducted extensive research to identify their root problems - what the industry requires, customer behavior, and buying patterns.

  • Designed an integrated marketing approach to achieve the desired goals of optimizing the website and improving the conversion ratio.

  • Redesigned a mobile-optimized eCommerce website with a modern, engaging design that follows SEO practices for higher ranking and increased sales.

  • Designed creative marketing campaigns and executed them to drive website traffic.

  • Created a feedback loop to enable continuous performance improvement.

Thus, putting up with all the efforts, we helped our client - The Love of People- succeed in their business goals.

Real Results

Within three months, we obtained the marketing objectives that helped TLP climb the ladder of success. Our holistic approach and marketing techniques were vital in establishing the brand’s value in the industry. We hit 70% sales growth within one year and met 1232 keywords ranking on the TLP website within the first three months of our affiliation with them. Looking at these positive figures, we can say that our client’s business now shows a better performance potential than before.

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