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Professional Ecommerce Website Designing for Your Online Business

Pravaah Consulting: Your Trusted E-commerce Development Company in the USA

The digital presence provides a vast uplift to sales, so the brands need to build their online stores with a particular focus on the website design for E-Commerce

Ecommerce Web Design & Development Agency

Are you searching for an elite ecommerce development company in the USA to boost your online business presence? With a successful track record, we are your best partner for all your digital commerce needs. Our team of specialists possesses an extensive understanding of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, ensuring that your online store meets your expectations. At Pravaah Consulting, we use cutting-edge technology and methodology to build tailored e-commerce solutions that manage sales and increase user experiences. Our custom web development and app development approach will meet your objectives, whether you are interested to place you as a brand in the market through your e-commerce platform or build an ecommerce startup for a strong online presence.

Professional Ecommerce Website Development Agency USA
Ecommerce Agency

Our Ecommerce Areas Of Expertise


Website design for eCommerce uses Shopify, which is an e-commerce platform that enables anybody to create an online store and sell their goods.

Wordpress / WooCommerce

As an eCommerce agency in the USA, we help you take your business online. WooCommerce gives the brand an amazing presence across all channels.

Magento 2.0

As an eCommerce agency, Pravaah recommends Magento Commerce to provide a better in-store experience, increasing loyalty and sales of products.


Wix E-ecommerce store is a good  for small - medium-sized eCommerce stores.


Modern and innovative Bigcommerce solutions designed to grow your business.

Website Development

Our custom website development services are curated to deliver secure, scalable, and unique solutions.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables anybody to create an online store and sell their goods. It intends to assist users in creating their scalable online store with hundreds of built-in features and a wide range of apps. Anyone may sell their items directly on their website, marketplaces, and social media networks. Pravaah Consulting allows you to set up your business on any omnichannel commerce platform, providing a user-friendly online experience. As an eCommerce website builder from the USA, we will assist you with getting your business on Shopify so that you may have an online presence.

Shopify Ecommerce Website Developers
Woocommerce Develop Agency USA

WordPress /

As an eCommerce agency in the United States, we help you take your business online. We assist you in creating your website design for ecommerce and administer it. WooCommerce offers a variety of tools and plugins, as well as a free domain, SSL, and CDN, as well as free site migration. It is the most popular WordPress plugin for building robust e-commerce stores. With 1000s of templates to pick from and 100s of Add ons, it enables quick delivery of eCommerce solutions.

Magento 2.0

As an eCommerce agency, Pravaah Consulting recommends Magento Commerce to provide a better in-store experience, increasing loyalty and sales of products. Magento is an eCommerce platform built on open-source technology to offer online merchants a flexible shopping cart system, decoupled UI, content, and functionality of an online store. Magento implementation can take between 12-16 weeks and is better suited for mid-sized enterprises to support the solution upon delivery. The underlying technology for Magento 2.0 is PHP, and we provide profound expertise in PHP to deliver a robust solution.

Magento 2.0 Ecommerce Company
Magento 2.0
Wix Ecommerce Store Design


Wix E-store is a good option for small to medium-sized eCommerce stores. As an eCommerce website builder, we have trained engineers certified by Wix to build regular eCommerce sites and advanced websites with Velo functionalities. Our approach to offering professional Wix SEO services incorporates both on-page and off-page techniques to help our clients reinforce website traffic, customer base, and revenue. As an e-commerce agency, we understand that it is vital to develop a user-friendly and search engine optimized site with a faster loading speed to effectively implement SEO methods facilitated by the Wix platform.

Legend Partner


Custom Website development

Our website development services are curated to deliver secure, scalable, and unique solutions. We bring versatile skill sets together to build you a dynamic website, from platform configuration to complete redesigns. 


With today's constantly evolving digital landscape, your website requires agile, scalable, and advanced technologies to sustain and grow. Our website design company focuses on building result-driven websites for your business by combining UX design with technical and marketing expertise to develop best-in-class products that boost visibility, interaction, and revenue.

Custom Ecommerce Website Devolpment Agency california usa
Website Development
BigCommerce Developers


BigCommerce is a leading SaaS-based eCommerce platform that is publicly listed on NASDAQ. This innovative platform empowers retailers of all sizes with a comprehensive suite of services, including eCommerce store creation, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, marketing tools, and state-of-the-art security features. With BigCommerce, businesses can quickly establish a robust online presence and scale their operations, regardless of industry or customer base. Whether you're a small business owner just starting or a large enterprise looking to streamline your online operations, BigCommerce has the tools and expertise to help you achieve your eCommerce goals.

Revolutionizing Ecommerce Web Development Company: Our Distinct Approach

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand each business and their target audience to build a perfect solution. That's why we creatively create custom ecommerce websites solutions that suit your requirements, providing an uninterrupted user experience.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our team constantly researches the newest technology and trends to build advanced e-commerce solutions.

  • User-friendly Design: We focused on user experience to create websites that reach UI and UX experience, which ultimately help increase in conversions.

  • SEO Optimization: Our ecommerce websites are highly SEO-friendly, assisting in increasing your search engine rankings and generating organic visitors.

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Most people use mobile more than any other electronic devices to search ecommerce products and offers. So, we make sure your e-commerce website is completely mobile-friendly and offers a high class user experience across all screens.

Boost your sales with top e-commerce partners

1.   Why We Are The Leading Ecommerce App Development Company:  

  • Innovative ecommerce Solutions: We create clean and exceptionally performed templates, custom Ecommerce apps with cutting-edge functionality that match your unique business needs. Our developers design creative outlines for your ecommerce store which increase revenue.

  • Proven Expertise: Our team has a decade of experience, with a strong portfolio of successful projects across diverse industries.

  • Content Writing: We create quality, trendy and useful content that can increase user engagement.

  • Scalability: Our solutions are designed for expansion. We update your app as the market trend is always in race.

2.  Key Differentiations:  

  • Transform your vision into thriving reality

  • Deliver Tangible Results

  • Proper Integration with third-party services and ERP solutions

  • API Integration


3.    Technology and Tools Utilized   We expand your online base by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology.  

  •  Advanced Analytics For In-Depth Analysis

  •  AI-Driven Tools For Campaign Optimization

  •  Advanced SEO And PPC Software

  • Social Media Management Plan

  • Robust Email Marketing Software

4. Benefits For User  

  • High-Quality Product Images & Videos

  • Categories & Filters Based Search

  • Trusted Payment Gateways

  • Seamless Checkout Process

  • Clarity in Purchase History & WishList

  • Simple Navigation

  • Appealing UI

5. Benefits For Administrator  

  • Easy Tracking Orders

  • Proper Manage Discounts

  • Trouble Free Inventory Management

  • Flawless shipping and tax calculation

Pravaah Consulting is a classic player in the field of e-commerce development. Our dedicated team, innovative ideas, decade of experience, customer-friendly approach, scalable solutions, and SEO perfection propel your businesses to new heights.


Experience the difference of working with a leading ecommerce development company in the USA.


 Discover the difference right now, and allow us to assist you in thriving in the dynamic world of e-commerce. Schedule your free consultation with the top ecommerce web development company in USA. Request a quote today!

Begin Your Ecommerce Journey With Us!

Tell us about your company and specific eCommerce website requirements, and our team will connect with you to explain our various eCommerce solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the most important element of eCommerce website design?

A: The most important element of eCommerce website design is to be user-friendly. It increases the ease of navigation and, in turn, the possibility of increasing conversion. Another aspect to consider for an ecommerce website is responsiveness where the website is compatible with various screen sizes (Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile).

Q: What type of eCommerce platforms services do we offer?

A: We, as digital agency, work on different E-commerce website builders, such as -

  • WIX

  • Magento 2.0

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

We also offer custom-building applications, systems Integration, Back-end Development, DevOps, and automation services.

Q: How do we design a ecommerce websites?

A: At Pravaah consulting, we design the website for our clients by taking into consideration basic factors such as usability, affordability, amongst others. The various aspects of a website like content, illustration, layout design, color themes play a significant role to set the first impression.

Q: Why choose Pravaah Consulting as your go-to e-commerce agency?

A: Pravaah Consulting is the "legend partner" of Wix. We have successfully delivered more than 50 projects in record-breaking time. Being certified for Editor X development and Velo development make us highly reliable. We also have a dedicated Magento 2.0, Shopify, and WooCommerce development team. Depending on the customer's situation, we evaluate platforms and provide recommendations.

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