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5 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

To abbreviate, anybody who is into the virtual world has some idea about affiliate marketing! Just that this jargon appears intriguing.

What's affiliate marketing?

If Affiliate Marketing is a concept you do not have much idea about, or you have not heard it before, this read is for you. 😀 Hope you find it useful! Affiliate marketing for beginners is simplified in this blog! Put in simple words: affiliate marketing is a popular way of marketing where a marketer affiliates (associates/ partners) with other online businesses or individual bloggers.

Here is Affiliate marketing simplified:

I am a marketer, I have a service to sell. I will associate myself with a blogger who writes blogs. Furthermore, I will have a simple expectation from the blogger, he or she will just embed my service link somewhere in the blog in a very subtle, or direct way depending upon their mutual understanding. The idea of affiliate marketing for websites is to redirect the readers of the given blog to my territory! The probability of having visitors on my website, clicking on the services in the offing becomes high vis-à-vis not having put any effort in this scope!

There are affiliations of two types, one as discussed above, through Bloggers and the other is websites. One can go either or both ways! Now, the big question you may be getting in your mind is, “do we have to pay for this association?” May or may not — until that click converts into a purchase!

It all depends on the terms the two parties agree upon, anyway, it's a win-win situation for both parties. Usually, there is a commission for the affiliate out of every item sold.

Well, does this just sound unbelievable? Those who are already doing business this way can term it as an unsung style, many others are bereft of it! Digital marketing keeps evolving. It is important to benefit from the available resources.

Digital marketing is about continuous enhancements and additions, affiliate marketing is one of the styles of digital marketing where the marketers do not have to invest unless a deal is done. It's picking up fast.

An easy 3-Step process on How to start Affiliate marketing for beginners:

1. JOIN: Identify a list of bloggers/ websites which post content related to your products/services. There is no dearth of businesses and individuals who can be shortlisted to be affiliates, and there is no limit to the number of associations you can have. Joining becomes step one!

2. PROMOTE: Promotion by putting a link, pin, or flag within a blog post and also using word of mouth, besides other marketing efforts.

3. EARN: Get in touch and make an agreement: the agreement is typically a thing of mutual benefit to the parties involved. One can go for a barter system, which means putting up links to each other's page, or a percentage system, wherein the affiliate gets a percentage of money from every product/ service sold.

So, what are the 5 benefits of Affiliate Marketing for beginners?

1. No, or minimal Costs involved: As affiliate marketing is a type of results-based marketing in which a business pays one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts and conversions as a result, the costs involved are zero.

2. Targeted Traffic: garnering targeted traffic again increases the chances of deals manifold, as the visitor from the affiliate’s website or blog will not click on the link unless it interests them.

3. Income for an affiliate: Since an affiliate makes money by putting a link, pin, or flag within a blog post and earning a commission on every sale which happens with his/her efforts, it becomes a source of income and therefore motivation for the affiliate.

4. Saves efforts and time: it saves the cost of building a sales team as the motivation leads to extra effort by the affiliate, as they do not leave any stone unturned to make sure business happens. They are essentially doing all the marketing effort for the brand, in the hope that they can make a cut.

5. Low-Risk: Companies will literally gain an army of online marketers to generate business for them. Affiliates will get in demand if they have successful sales closing under their belt.

While we gear up to take the plunge into affiliate marketing, here is hands-on information on digital marketing. To scale up the visibility, and increase the revenue, affiliate marketing is an interesting way. This creates and maintains enthusiasm in the business. Over a period of time, this is sure to become an inherent tool and second nature of online marketing!

To sum up, it is a win/win situation for both the business owner and the affiliate and the icing on the cake is the fact that the users get curated content with that extra validation, which otherwise calls for a lot of slogging online to find!

Hope that helps. It would be great to know if you have already trodden on affiliate marketing or planning to. Please feel free to contact us for any more inputs that you would need in the area of digital marketing

Happy Affiliation!😃


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