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Skyrocket your goals, reach, traffic, and ROI through our PPC marketing services!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Stop waiting for your target audience to find you! Let Pravaah Consulting help you reach them with our top-notch Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services. Whether you're looking to boost conversions or increase site traffic, our team of PPC experts can help you manage your pay-per-click campaigns and achieve success. As a leading PPC agency in the USA, we specialize in enhancing brand visibility, increasing traffic, and reducing client costs. Take advantage of the benefits of our PPC services - contact us today! 

Cost-Effective PPC Advertising Solution For Your Business Growth

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Enroll in our PPC services to rank your business at the top of the search result pages. Our specialists work on optimization strategies to enhance your rankings without costing you a fortune.

Paid Search

Do you need an extra hand in managing your PPC? Our PPC management team will scan your account and analyze your existing and previous efforts to recognize the flaws and revamp your pay-per-click strategies for better results.

PPC Audit

Also known as retargeting, our remarketing services include management and campaign management. Our PPC experts ensure that you invest your money in the customers most likely to visit your website and convert.


With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, it presents a perfect opportunity to fuel your website with genuine traffic. Our campaign specialists make the most of Facebook ad services with a custom campaign to drive brand awareness, follows, shares, comments, etc.

Facebook Ads

AdWords is the most influential advertising tool, especially in the US, with Google being the most widely used search engine. PPC ads drive maximum traffic to your website, positioning you higher on the Google search results page. Our Google Ads services help you test keywords that meet your current SEO strategies.

Google AdWords

Google Shopping has become a lucrative marketing channel for eCommerce businesses to list their products & services. Whether you're a startup or a big business, we can help you manage your Shopping ads account to produce quality results.

Google Shopping Ads

YouTube has billions of active users, and our YouTube Advertising services will help your business build brand awareness, drive traffic, and make conversions. Partner with Pravaah Consulting to roll out an innovative ad campaign that delivers results in no time.

YouTube Ads

Enlist us to advertise your ads on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, with a customized social media marketing strategy curated according to your business objectives.

Social Media Advertising

With our top-notch services, you can instantly draw new customers to your website. Our expert PPC professionals help you define your objectives clearly and create your PPC strategy. We help you acquire new clients quicker than you think. As per sources, over 3 billion searches occur every day with people looking for solutions to their problems. PPC helps you drive increased traffic to your website and watch your conversions escalate.

PPC Marketing Services

What Makes Pay-Per-Click Management Services Essential For Your Business?

Pay Per Click advertisements offer you a chance to appear on the top of search result pages and highly-qualified websites. It's the quickest cost-effective way to get visitors to your website and one of the most critical components of your digital marketing strategy. Pravaah Consulting determines your advertising goals, identifies your PPC benchmark, and builds a campaign structure to drive new visitors to your website and reduce costs. 


The following statistics will help you realize why PPC is essential for your business:


  • PPC was ranked as the third-best marketing channel to generate massive leads in 2020.


  • Google holds 92 percent of the search market share worldwide. 


  • 93 percent of Americans use search engines to find local businesses.


  • Paid ads have a 200 percent return on investments.


  • 65 percent of people click on PPC advertisements.


  • Advertisements can boost brand awareness by 80 percent.


  • PPC produces twice the number of visitors than SEO.

Are you ready to team up with our pay-per-click marketing comapny?

Contact us today if you're ready to take your business to the top. Our SEO services company specialists will review your website and provide you with a free analysis, strategy, and timeline, including a review of competitor strategy.

Our Clients


Jeanett Dillion

Pravaah Consulting was very helpful and  executed all y wants and needs for my website! I would highly recommend and call upon him if needed!

Myranda Dakau

I will summarize my collaboration with Pravaah Consulting in 3 words: professionalism - service - creativity. I recommended it even before my project was finished and will recommend it again. Thanks Pravaah Consulting.

Max W

Excellent work! Easy to work with and very responsive!! They understood my concept for what I wanted for my website from the beginning. Offered excellent advice and frankly just "ran with it", until the project was complete with my review!

Isabelle S

Pravaah Consulting is the business to turn to if you are looking for state of the art services and customer service. We just completed our first project together and we are currently in the middle of completing the second project, and I couldn't have made a better choice.

Francis W

I would recommend Pravaah consulting to  anyone starting a website who is wondering how and where to start.  They abided by their end of the contract until the very end of the project which shows integrity, professionalism, and consistency.

Felicia Clary

Professional, friendly and efficient! I enjoyed working with Pravaah Consulting. He was always informative and prompt when I had questions or concerns. Definitely a great company to work with.

  • PPC stands for pay-per-click. It's a digital marketing strategy often used to position businesses on the top of search results pages by using specific keywords. And since these are paid ads, you pay Google each time someone clicks on your website link.
  • There are several PPC services you can opt for depending on your business requirements, such as Google AdWords, audit, remarketing, Google Shopping Ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, social media advertising, etc.
  • The goal is to drive traffic to your website, but SEO and PPC are different. While SEO allows you to drive organic traffic to your website by enhancing web pages, PPC is paid ads on Google's search results pages.
  • PPC enables you to extend your reach and attain marketing goals quickly and efficiently. It's a paid marketing tool that drives traffic to your website in unthinkable ways. PPC advertising can boost your audience reach, drive instant traffic, and accelerate conversions in a budget-friendly way.
  • The PPC cost depends on the service you choose. At Pravaah Consulting, we offer competitive prices that fit your budget and business goals. You can check out the Pricing and Package section or contact us to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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