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In today's digital world, businesses can use search engine optimization as the most powerful tool to drive new customers and generate revenue. Unfortunately, most companies have yet to learn where to start with SEO and don't want to be at the mercy of Google.

At Pravaah Consulting, an experienced SEO company in the United States that has helped hundreds of companies in Silicon Valley and nationwide to build their web presence and rank higher on search engines. We combine the best SEO practices with other marketing services so that you can get the most for your business.

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Seo Consulting

SEO Consulting

Our professional SEO services are what you need to stand tall amongst your competitors. Our SEO consultants use specific targets and personalized strategies for your website that ensure quick ROI and better profits. At Pravaah Consulting, we offer customized SEO services for any business size, and we will guide you with best practices and search engine optimization strategies.

Title Tag Optimizatio

Title Tag Optimization

In simple terms, a title tag tells search engines what titles they should use for your website on their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). An optimized title tag helps Google and readers understand your website's value. Our SEO specialists help optimize your business's website using relevant title tags for your page.

Link Buliding

Link Building

Link building refers to the process of receiving traffic to your website from other websites. In SEO terminology, this is known as backlinks. Receiving backlinks from popular and credible websites can help you rank higher in SERPs. Partner with Pravaah Consulting as our dedicated SEO experts has several connections with highly-qualified websites to enhance your site reach.

Website Navigation

Website Navigation

A proper website navigation structure is excellent for your SEO performance and users. Structured navigation makes your website easily navigable and helps visitors find what they are looking for, resulting in more visibility and conversions. Together with the web development team, our SEO specialists can help structure your navigation to look simple, clear, and consistent.

Seo Optimized Content Writing

Seo Optimized Content Writing

Create top-notch content that attracts more organic traffic with Pravaah Consulting's SEO-based content writing services. SEO-based writing is the art of creating content that complies with the SEO practices to ensure your content drives genuine traffic to your website. Our content-writing experts write SEO-friendly content for your website, including blog posts, web content, service pages, etc.

Local Seo

Local SEO

Unlike conventional SEO strategies, which focus on increasing a brand's reach on a global scale, local SEO emphasizes optimizing your website to be found on local search engine results pages. The goal is to expose your brand beyond your storefront and make it more accessible in the local online community.

Global Seo Services

Global SEO

Unlike local SEO, global SEO focuses on optimizing your website to be found on international search engine result pages. At Pravaah Consulting, we have several international clients, making it necessary to rank in the global search engines. Partner with our search engine optimization team to develop an international SEO strategy that's effective for your business.

Technical Seo Services From Experts

Technical SEO

You can achieve a higher ranking by enhancing optimizations on your site's back-end, like improving page loading speed. Our agency has the best SEO specialist to fix these errors, making it easier on the Google search engine when they crawl your website.

ecommerce seo services

eCommerce SEO

Give your users a 24*7 flawless shopping experience and increase your customer retention rate with our eCommerce SEO services. At Pravaah Consulting, we launch specific email marketing campaigns and improve your mobile searches to create a personalized experience.

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Today, "search" has become the answer to all your questions. Search engines show highly optimized websites at the top of the search engine result page. Relying on age-old SEO techniques isn't adequate to maintain a solid digital presence; you must find highly qualified SEO Experts to notch your digital marketing efforts. To rank high, you must invest your time and money in the right SEO services that best suit your business needs. Our agile and practical approach helps us gain high-quality and quantifiable results. Our SEO experts will closely work with you to tailor your business's SEO strategies that drive long-term results.

Our SEO marketing process 

Our SEO Marketing Process

1). Explore

As a best-in-class SEO company, we take the time to know and understand your business needs and expectations. After a discussion with you, we identify your KPIs, ascertain your conversion platform and conduct keyword research to gain profound insights into your company's operations.

2). Examine

This step covers competitive analysis and website audit & analytics review. Here, we examine all your business data to decide the factors that affect your online presence. Our SEO specialists will formulate the best SEO strategies for your business by looking at your past traffic patterns, backlink strategies, and technical issues.

3). Planning

After identifying the flaws and the gaps in your existing SEO marketing strategies, our SEO specialists will create a plan that includes your SEO goals and expected results for each marketing platform.

4). Delivery

At this stage, the execution process begins. We leverage multiple marketing platforms to refine your overall SEO results. Our SEO experts will optimize your websites and blogs with high-quality keywords, enhance your website's navigation structure, and handle your listings.

5). Evaluate

Our SEO specialists will assess your organic traffic, conversion rate, bounce rate, click-through rates, etc., to gain better insights and improve your optimization strategies. We arrange a tracking system to monitor your digital progress and determine how our SEO strategies influence your business.

Why We Say Our SEO Services Are Best

It can be daunting to find an ideal SEO company for your business. However, with Pravaah Consulting, you can rest assured. Time and again, we've proven that our SEO services have benefited our clients significantly.

Tailored SEO Services

At Pravaah Consulting, we offer an SEO strategy unique to your business objectives and website. Our specialist SEO consultants and experts examine your business to determine the best SEO plan for your business. We offer you fully-customized solutions to meet your business's unique needs.


Over the past few years, Pravaah Consulting has helped businesses achieve their objectives and meet their targets to drive more revenue. Our SEO professionals have immense experience in the SEO field and are happy to put their knowledge to use by growing your business.

100% Transparency

Our clients love our complete transparency approach! We maintain 100% transparency for you to see how our efforts are improving your online presence. We give you full access to your Google Analytics reports to provide you with an overview of your website's SEO performance.


We take pride in achieving results as expected by our clients. Our SEO experts team focuses on your business objectives and uses data-driven results to meet those objectives. Our professional result-focused search engine optimization approach will enhance your site's organic ranking and drive quality traffic to your website.

Ethical Practices

We always play by the rules. Pravaah Consulting's SEO specialists will drive results with fair practices to avert penalties in the future. As the #1 SEO agency in the USA, we abide by our principles and values and will never do anything to endanger your business.


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Excellent work! Easy to work with and very responsive!! They understood my concept for what I wanted for my website from the beginning. Offered excellent advice and frankly just "ran with it", until the project was complete with my review!

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