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Boost your Sales with our #1 shopify e-Commerce solutions


Shopify has accredited online retail businesses in over 175 countries, and over 1 million companies rely on it to launch their eCommerce store. At Pravaah Consulting, we aim to help eCommerce businesses with fully customized, advanced, scalable, and conversion-driven solutions to meet their needs.

If you aspire to set up your eCommerce business, Our Shopify web designers simplify everything, from building and supervising your online store to steering conversions.

Reliable Shopify Web Design and Development Company

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With the expansion of your business, Shopify can perform better and expand with you. With only a few clicks, you can upgrade your plan to Shopify Plus without any extra hosting costs, bandwidth limits, site security investments, etc.


Shopify has various professional templates that enable you to create unique and eye-catching eCommerce stores. Although it comes with only a few options, our designers can work with you to create a store with exceptional UI/UX.


Security is the top priority for any eCommerce store as it deals with customers' customers' sensitive information. Shopify takes care of the security aspect as it continuously offers maintenance and up-gradation.


Shopify offers a global solution to your eCommerce needs and provides a reliable infrastructure with optimized software & hardware- this provides Shopify with a fast loading speed, loading your eCommerce store in a few seconds.


By choosing Shopify for your eCommerce needs, you ensure 24*7 customer support. Shopify representatives are available round-the-clock via live chat, phone, or email to resolve queries and keep your store running smoothly.

Customer Support

Shopify avoids fuss and mess; it's a user-friendly platform with accessible setup features. This eCommerce platform is the best option for those who want an all-inclusive solution without any technicalities corresponding to hosting & development.

Easy Setup

Shopify's basic version provides SEO features with ultra-modern eCommerce analytics. Moreover, it also offers marketing tools like discount coupons, targeted email marketing, custom gift cards, store stats, and more.

Excellent Marketing Platform

Top 7 reasons to choose shopify for your business

Why Choose Shopify For Your Ecommerce Store?

Firstly, businesses find Shopify straightforward and appreciate its robust SEO tools and tactics. Shopify's ability to drive conversions makes it a valuable platform that prioritizes marketing strategy with SEO. Shopify is an excellent tool for online stores that require minimal development time and sell either many or a single product. You can easily trade any product by incorporating the latest Shopify homepage section according to your business needs.

Our Shopify Web Development Services

As the most reliable Shopify developmentcomapmny, we offer an extensive range of services to assist you in building robust, secure, scalable, and cutting-edge solutions. Our best Shopify experts know better what design will go with your brand's voice and aesthetics.

Whether it is Shopify store setup, configuration, or integration, Pravaah Consulting has top-notch customized solutions to assist your business in aligning with its eCommerce goals. Our Shopify experts will set up responsive themes for your users to enjoy a flawless shopping experience.

Shopify eCommerce Store Setup

At Pravaah Consulting, our Shopify designers will help you unlock the true potential of your eCommerce store by customizing its theme to suit your customer's needs. With our innovative UI/UX designers and developers, we have curated interactive, responsive, and user-friendly Shopify themes.

Theme Design

Our dedicated experts help take your online store to the next level by installing apps and supervising capabilities between different applications and your Shopify theme. We integrate third-party applications or APIs, payment gateways, and custom functionalities to render an incredible user experience.


Shopify migration has become a sought-after service as today's online retailers know the value of spending in the right eCommerce store for their business. As the top Shopify website building agency, we assure you that we streamline your eCommerce store in the best possible way.


Despite Shopify being integrated with top-notch SEO-rich features, you still need a strategy that helps you gain maximum ROI. At Pravaah Consulting, we help you improve your Shopify SEO to rank high on popular search engines like Bing or Google.

Shopify SEO

Shopify Plus is a perfect choice for you to notch up your eCommerce store cost-effectively. Our Shopify experts help you with customized eCommerce store development, whether a startup or an established business.

Shopify Plus

As the best Shopify website builder, we upgrade and maintain your eCommerce store when the latest versions are launched. We also optimize and support your website from time to time to streamline it, rendering an incredible user experience.

Maintenance & Support

We are recognized as the leading Shopify web design agency providing services across the globe to our B2B and B2C clients.

Global Clientele

At Pravaah Consulting, we combine Shopify's rich features with our expertise to develop top-notch eCommerce solutions that are eye-catchy and robust.

Success-Driven Solutions

Being the top Shopify development agency, we have a team adept in development, design, integration, and customization, making us one of the most reliable Shopify partners in the US.

Tremendous Experience

Making on-time delivery is highly important for any organization. We guarantee the timely delivery of your Shopify website project without compromising on quality.


At Pravaah Consulting, we ensure utmost client satisfaction by providing them 24*7 assistance throughout the Shopify development process.

Round-the-Clock Support

Why Choose Pravaah Consulting For Shopify Web Design & Development?

Our Shopify web design specialists strive to provide you with world-class Shopify services. Partnering with Pravaah Consulting ensures that you have set foot in the right place as we stand out from other agencies in several ways.

Our Shopify developers do proper research to understand your business needs, from asking questions to having detailed discussions with your team. Our team ensures that there is no confusion while initiating the development process.


At Pravaah Consulting, our UI/UX designers use Shopify themes for your eCommerce store based on the products your business deals with. Moreover, our Shopify web developers create custom solutions to boost your revenues.

Design & Development

Our quality assurance team performs testing according to your requirements, including testing security updates, app testing, cross-browser testing, and migration testing.


Our team has launched several Shopify eCommerce stores. We always have a checklist ready for eCommerce clients to check that things are working as planned during the launch.


Pravaah Consulting offers regular maintenance and support services, such as version upgrades, website development reviews, security repair, and functionality upgrades, with technical and marketing expertise.


Shopify Web Design Process

Shopify developers at Pravaah Consulting are well-equipped with technical and creative aspects to build a highly scalable, robust, and secure website. Our Shopify development process consists of 5 steps:

Begin Your Shopify Journey With Us!

Our specialists Shopify developers will love to hear from you and provide you with a proper strategy and timeline to get you started immediately!

  • Shopify offers an all-inclusive marketing suite that enables businesses to upscale their business and get noticed by potential clients. This eCommerce solution offers several SEO features like titles, meta tags, and customized headlines to help your website rank higher in search engine results pages, improving your business credibility. At Pravaah Consulting, we also help you integrate Shopify with 3rd-party sites such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and other social media platforms, thus expanding your reach and driving more conversions.
  • The cost of developing your Shopify eCommerce store depends on your specific requirements. Shopify development cost varies depending on several features, scale, location, developer experience, complexity, etc. Contact our Shopify team to get a quotation on your project.
  • Building a Shopify website is pretty straightforward. Developing an essential website can take around three to four days; however, this is an estimate; it might take a little longer depending on your needs.
  • While Shopify can boost your eCommerce reach, it takes a highly experienced and skilled Shopify developer to build a top-notch eCommerce website. Shopify development agencies can help your business create a tailor-made website as per your business needs. At Pravaah Consulting, our Shopify experts empower your eCommerce store with 3rd-party integrations to extend your reach and help you rank higher.
  • Shopify is a great eCommerce platform for your small business. It has everything your business needs, from setting up and running to managing your eCommerce store at a cost-effective price. Lastly, Shopify extends support round-the-clock via email, live chat, or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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