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A case study documenting the innovative digital approach led to better patient care, reduced wait time, and increased brand presence for Polaris.

Traditional healthcare’s successful expansion into the landscape of digital.

Healthcare Industry

Company Overview

After catering to corporate hospitals for over a decade, the duo Dr Surendra Patil and Dr Ujwala Patil decided to commence their orthopedic multidisciplinary hospital in 2011. After coming across multiple cases and witnessing a crunch between the doctors and patients, they felt a need to start a space of their own where they could guide the patients in the right direction. Their willingness to go above and beyond for their patients led to the conceptualization of Polaris Healthcare. Their vision is to make Polaris Healthcare a trusted and highly valued brand, growing in people's hearts and minds using a holistic healing approach.


Backed by a team of multiple orthopedic specialists and talented staff, Polaris Hospital puts patients' welfare at the forefront. Recognized as one of the top-notch orthopedic hospitals in Pune, Polaris Healthcare treats a series of complex knee and joint disorders with better treatment options and provides the best care for their patients before and after surgery.


“Polaris Healthcare commenced as an orthopedic multidisciplinary hospital with a vision to grow in people’s heart and mind through a holistic healing approach.”


Polaris Healthcare wanted to incorporate a comprehensive digital marketing and transformation strategy into its business approach.  They wanted to improve their ranking in search results, fully revamp their ten-year-old website, digitize their operations, and reduce manual errors. Additionally, Polaris Healthcare wanted to concentrate on developing a strong social media presence so that it could interact with users more and educate them about healthcare and preventative measures.

“The implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing and digital transformation strategy is the primary area of focus for Polaris Healthcare in creating a strong digital presence.”


Polaris Healthcare was looking for a digital agency that could provide an integrated marketing approach and assist Polaris in digitally transforming its operations. Pravaah Consulting became Polaris Healthcare's official digital marketing and transformation partner, offering services in the following areas,

  • Deployed and customized a patient-centric application that provided next-generation experiences to healthcare consumers.

  • Worked on an integrated marketing strategy plan to ensure Polaris Healthcare's vision and objectives were communicated to people in the local geography.

  • Created a powerful and flexible appointment scheduling system that is integrated with an account management system.

  • Built automated solutions that aided in the reduction of appointment turnaround time.

  • Incorporated SEO keywords that landed Polaris Healthcare on the first page of Google searches for relevant keywords.

  • Devised and implemented a digital marketing strategy that was completely consistent with the brand's vision and purpose.


“Pravaah Consulting has become Polaris Healthcare’s official digital marketing and transformation partner offering industry’s best practices and tactics.”

About  US

Pravaah Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based, full-service digital agency. Our purpose is to help SMBs and startups leverage the power of digital to scale new heights. Our team is a perfect blend of a business transformation agency and a digital marketing agency in the United States of America that provides integrated solutions at the speed of digital. Our handpicked team consistently delivers quality solutions backed by their farsightedness and result-oriented approach, which often exceed client expectations. At Pravaah Consulting, we are your digital transformation consulting partner who believes that your success is our growth.


“In a mission to help SMBs and startups to achieve their dream of digital success.”


From developing a strong digital strategy to execution, we worked closely with Polaris Healthcare to implement every strategic solution in a way that was properly aligned with their end goals,


  • Conducted thorough research to identify the loophole causing Polaris Healthcare to appear lower in search results.

  • Built a new strategy around the conducted research to optimize their SEO visibility and increase their ranking on search results.

  • Updated their ten-year-old website with a more fresh and trendy outlook and added more functionality, like appointment booking features.

  • Developed creative social media campaigns to interact with users and educate them through health-related content.

  • Created a suitable HMS (Hospital Management System) system to allow medical professionals to better understand patient-related data and derive conclusions from it.

  • With the help of the solutions derived, we fostered and enhanced patient engagement through email, WhatsApp, SMS, direct calling, and content on social media platforms, which helped Polaris increase surgery rates.

  • Maintained a feedback loop with our client to enable ongoing performance improvement and ensure we were in alignment with their desired digital goals.


"Developed a progressive step-by-step digital marketing and transformation strategy to enhance and achieve all of Polaris Healthcare's digital objectives."

Project Timeline



  • Meet with hospital staff to gather requirements and determine the hospital's specific needs.

  • Reviewed the existing hospital management system to identify areas that required customization.

  • Based on the collected data, started creating a project plan and timeline.



  • Designed custom features or functionality needed to meet the hospital's requirements.

  • Created a prototype or mockup of the customized system.



  • Implemented the customizations to the hospital management system.

  • Tested out the customizations to ensure that they worked as intended.



  • Trained hospital staff on how to use the customized system.

  • Continued testing and debugging of the system.



  • Finalized all customizations and conducted a complete end-to-end test of the system.



  • Rolled out the customized hospital management system to the hospital and provided ongoing support as needed.

Website Design 

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Digital Marketing Strategy - Timeline 4 Weeks



  • Researched the target audience for the hospital.

  • Identified the unique value proposition.

  • Determined the marketing budget and allocated resources accordingly.



  • Developed the messaging and positioning for the hospital.

  • Outlined the marketing tactics to be used ( social media, email marketing, content marketing, etc. to drive engagement and traffic to the website)



  • Created a content calendar and started making marketing materials (e.g., blog posts, social media posts, email campaigns).

  • Set up tracking and measurement tools (e.g., Google Analytics) to monitor the effectiveness of the marketing efforts.



  • Launched the marketing campaign and started promoting the hospital to its target audience.

  • Analyzed and adjusted the marketing efforts in accordance with the results.



  • Execution of plan and measurement of results

  • Tweaked strategy based on results

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