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A deep analysis into the success formula

How TLP scaled its sales growth to a whopping 70% in just one year

Cosmetic Industry

Company Overview

The Love OF People is an environmentally conscious company from New Orleans that uses natural and organic butter, oils, and herbs that help strengthen the hair while aiding hair growth. This eco-friendly platform offers natural curly hair products for women aiming to get healthy and shiny hair through natural curly hair care products, educational hair sessions, and custom consultation. TLP products for natural curly hair are formulated using research to identify the raw ingredients that most benefit the hair and scalp. They also value and utilize consumer input to finalize formulations. 


“The Love of People is an environmentally conscious platform that offers natural curly hair care products for women.”


The Love of people was searching for the right digital marketing partner to help them, and Pravaah joined hands with them at the right time. Pravaah became TLP’s digital marketing partner offering overall brand and marketing strategic solutions, website designSE0e-mail campaigns and social media campaigns. We brought the best practices and tactics from Fortune 50 companies for SMBs and startups trying to excel in the digital world.


“We became TLP’s one-stop digital transformation agency offering industry’s best practices and tactics.”

About  US

Pravaah Consulting is a Silicon Valley-based, full-service digital agency. Our purpose is to help SMBs and startups leverage the power of digital to scale new heights. Our team is a perfect blend of a business transformation agency and a digital marketing agency in the United States of America that provides integrated solutions at the speed of digital. Our handpicked team consistently delivers quality solutions backed by their farsightedness and result-oriented approach, which often exceed client expectations. At Pravaah Consulting, we are your digital transformation consulting partner who believes that your success is our growth.


“In a mission to help SMBs and startups to achieve their dream of digital success.”


From start to end, we were there with TLP at every step, assisting them in executing a winning marketing strategy. We planned and implemented the following to assist TLP in reaching its digital goals.


  • Conducted extensive research to identify their root problems - what the industry requires, customer behavior, and buying patterns to determine the best platform to promote TLP’S products and services.

  • Designed an integrated marketing approach to achieve the desired goals of optimizing the website and improving the conversion ratio.

  • Re-designed a mobile-optimized eCommerce website with a modern, engaging design that follows SEO practices for higher ranking in search engines and increased revenue. 

  • Created innovative e-mail and social media campaigns to drive more engagement between TLP and their customers.

  • Followed a religious feedback loop with our client to enable continuous performance improvement, ensuring that we are aligned with their marketing goals.


“We developed a realistic yet effective brand and marketing strategy to optimize all of TLP’s digital platforms, from their website to social media.”

Project Timeline



Research and Layout



Content and Design Initiation



Design and Development



Quality Assurance and Delivery 


Through our marketing efforts and strategic plan, we helped TLP achieve digital success through our all-encompassing strategy and marketing techniques promoting TLP's brand value in the hair care industry. Within a year, we scaled TLP's sales by a whopping 70% and ranked 1232 keywords on the website in just three months. Through our campaigns, we boosted TLP's Twitter followers from 58 to a massive 1010 and a consistent pinterest audience with 4.3k monthly views.

Website Design 

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The Love of People wanted a complete digital transformation, and their main goal was to work on their branding and marketing strategies across all digital platforms, from re-designing their entire website to driving more traffic to their website.TLP also sought to identify the best platform for enhancing customer engagement.


“Re-designing the website, enabling omnichannel experience and developing new integrated digital and social media marketing strategies are key areas where TLP plans to make a difference.”

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