At Pravaah Consulting we IMAGINE, STRATEGIZE, ARCHITECT, DESIGN, BUILD, EXECUTE, MEASURE, and REIMAGINE to provide a top-class digital marketing strategy. Our journey with our customers starts with rethinking the business strategy and embedding Digital transformation into it. We work with your team to co-create Digital Strategy that will move the needle for your business.​

Once the digital marketing strategy is built we craft a roadmap that resonates with making your organization customer-centric. With customer experience as the focal point, we create a lovable and relevant experience for your customers which translates into better customer engagement and satisfaction.

Digital Strategy Experience From Pravaah Consulting


The strategy team starts with an initial digital assessment and then works with you and your customers to lay out the foundational elements required for your success in the digital world. We create  digital roadmaps, establish key initiatives and support your organization as Digital Architects on your journey towards Digital Transformation


Our design practice puts the customer at the heart of the universe and helps build lovable products. With Design thinking practitioners who work closely with technologists, we are able to churn out viable products at the speed of digital. The two pillars of the team Experience Design and Design Realization work collaboratively to create an Omni-Channel experience for customers.

Ui Ux Design - Pravaah Consulting
Front End Development For Websites & Applications


Front-end development works as connective tissue between the design and the engineering team. Using digital marketing strategy like HTML, CSS, JavaScripts, and Javascript frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS we create front-end for your websites and applications that provides the next generational interaction with your customers. Our developers are also very proficient in creating Single Page Apps using some of the modern technologies of ReactJS, NodeJS and MongoDB


Our mobile development team builds best-in-class apps for IOS, Android, and other leading OS. Working closely with the front-end technologists, our team develops native and hybrid applications. Our mobile app development team works with some leading MEAP platforms like PhoneGap and Worklight.

Android And IOS Application Development

1. What is a digital experience?

A digital experience is an encounter between a user and a business that is facilitated by digital technology. It refers to people's interactions with an organization's messages, goods, and processes across all digital touchpoints. This digital experience can be evaluated in real-time to give businesses a clearer picture of their customers' identities, relationships, intentions, and attitudes as they interact with the business.

2. What does a digital experience team do?

A customer's digital experience is laid out, inferred, and shaped by a digital experience team in various digital channels like Websites, smartphone apps, and social media platforms. In addition to developing a plan for digital experiences, a digital experience team analyzes new technologies on a regular basis to improve the company's digital customer experience.

3. What type of digital services do we provide?

Our digital experience services are aimed to institute the experiences, relationships, and insights about the digital world. Our team uses design thinking, behavioral insights, and user research to create and lovable, human-centric digital products, services, and experiences that have a positive impact on customers. We use technological advancements to solve difficulties and improve efficiency.

4. How does a digital experience help your brand?

It helps provide an enriching omnichannel digital experience that is personalized. it boosts productivity and operational effectiveness. Digital experience increases client loyalty and value over time. It helps you listen to and respond to customer input in real-time across all media. The Customer data acquired can be used to gain more insight and knowledge.