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Difference Between UI And UX

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) are two terms often spoken about in the tech world. But what do these words mean, and how are they different from each other? In simple terms, UI is what is seen, and UX is how things work. UI is visible to the users, while UX is behind the scenes. Hence, both are equally important for accomplishing your website and mobile application.

An exciting and straightforward UI will captivate users and take their experience to a different level. Whereas an excellent UX refers to the whole interaction users have with the website or app. While UI indeed has an impact on UX, the two are separate, and so are the roles that UI/UX designers play.

What is UI Design?

What is Ui Design?

UI design is creating user interfaces that focus on the creative and engaging aspects of the product. The aim is to create an interface that is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The term “interface” refers to the touchpoint where a user interacts with your mobile app or website. A UI designer analyzes all the interactions of the user with a product to design an interface that best matches the user’s needs.

UI design refers to the buttons, fonts, icons, screens, and other visual elements that your user engages with when using your app or website. All these elements affect the user’s experience and must be planned accordingly.

What is UX Design?

What Is Ux Design?

UX is the process of developing apps or websites that deliver a valuable user experience. As per Don Norman, the one who introduced the term “user experience,” it means “all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its products, and services.”

UX designers compose meaningful experiences by combining marketing, branding, design, usability, and development elements into the website or app. Their work requires thorough research to understand the user’s perception, goals, and choices to link this information to the product.

What’s the Difference - UX Versus UI Design

Difference Between Ui & Ux

While talking about UI and UX designing, we refer to the two as different concepts that meet different objectives. Although they are different, they work parallelly and are set to accomplish the same goal.


  • Focus on the mobile app’s visual aspects - typos, colors, images, and more to transform a simple interface into something responsive and usable.

  • Use of graphic design and technical skills

  • It involves a lot of room for creativity.


  • UX design requires a lot of research and data analysis

  • Strategize the features and emotions that users experience at each level of the app or website.

  • It begins with a problem and ends with a prototype

  • Understanding the customer journey - target audience, surveying customers, defining user flows, and performing testing.

How to make the most out of UI/UX?

How to make the most out of UI/UX Design

There is no standard method of how and where to benefit from UI/UX while developing your website. However, we have some excellent ways to enhance your website with our UI/UX hacks.

  • Ease-of-use - This functionality should be active in your site’s skeleton. The user should be able to get the desired information as quickly as possible.

  • Clear navigation - An attractive and persuasive website with excellent UI design can be created. UX doesn’t have much part to play here as it handles the final layers of website design.

  • Responsive design - Building a cross-platform website is crucial in today’s era. However, this feature depends on the UI.

  • User engagement - The result should be achieved by researching the target audience and implementing the information into the design. This element is a significant part of UX design.

UI & UX designing, together, is an essential part of any website. UX covers the secret executions of a structure and isn’t limited to the appearance. UI plays the appearance part, while UX is totally involved with the framework area. Hence, we can conclude that both UI and UX go hand in hand to create a unique website or app.

How to approach UI and UX Design?

How to approach UI and UX Design?

UI and UX design is an integral part of the website development process and the aspect that determines your website’s future success. The best method for a compelling UI and UX design is blending the content, framework, and user experience, enabling the business to achieve its goals.

While designing your website, follow a user-focused approach. Embracing this strategy allows you to build simple, engaging, and intuitive features to thrill your end-users. Hence, create a “wow” element that makes you stand out from the crowd.

So, what’s better? UI or UX?

UI and UX are significant in developing a quality product that looks delightful and grabs user attention. To create fantastic interfaces and deliver extraordinary experiences, one must follow a systematic approach. The whole design team will unitedly work to develop an excellent website and mobile application. This is the only way to retain your existing users and attract new ones.

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