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5 Key Questions to Ask When Embarking on a Digital Journey

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The digital path can lead to a great business trajectory in a way that many customer-centric companies can vouch for today. Much of the efforts in unlocking the potential value of digital entails reinventing and rethinking the existing way of working by imbibing a transformative culture. As some businesses keenly set their sights on migrating their existing set up to an online platform, here are some key areas for setting off on a digital journey.

Do you have the wherewithal to provide new experiences, services, and solutions?

In the current times, digital transformation often requires businesses to undergo a fundamental shift in how they deliver value and create new or alternate revenue sources. This could well involve the reinvention of businesses including core processes and operating models aimed at personalizing customer experience while catering to different segments and even individual customers.

Do you invest in robust technologies?

To see your goals fructify, equip your business with robust digital capabilities so that they align with transformative goals. For long-term engagement, it makes sense to explore opportunities in emerging technologies that assist with predictive and psychographic analysis to achieve marketing goals. Companies such as Uber have effectively leveraged technology to gain behavioral insights and set new customer expectations.

Do you have a clear vision for the expected outcome?

A vision precedes any plan of engaging in a digital transformation venture. Articulating this vision is the very first step of the journey to establish a connection with the customer with a solid strategy at the core. A well-established energy company that evolved from being a manufacturing set up to developing intelligent solutions is an inspiring example of evolution informed by vision.

Is your business driven by a disruptive culture?

When starting out, it makes sense to see where changes are happening and support the critical areas of the business. Rethinking ways of letting customers interact with your brand and the things that could enhance the personalization of the shopping/service experience should be up your alley.

Do you have the right talent?

A cross-functional talent base is a key requirement for organizations and businesses riding the digital wave. Strategic hiring goals include investing in the right set of people with a focus on empowering them to work in new ways. Such goals can lead to a collaboration with other key functions aligned to the ultimate goal of optimizing processes and services for delivering a superlative customer experience.

At Pravaah Consulting we endeavor to bring the most feasible ideas based on our assessment of the current trends. Our full-service capabilities help you channelize your efforts to make inroads into the digital space.

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