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Pravaah Consulting has been at the forefront of social media marketing services in California, USA since its inception. We are the go-to agency for social media management, advertising,  optimization, and marketing. Our team of digital marketing experts and social media marketing strategists has the unique ability to understand and tailor a strategy to fit your business needs. Our best-in-class social media marketing services in the USA give your business an edge. Our social media agency from California, USA, will help you build brand awareness across several social media channels to create meaningful connections with your current and potential customers.

Maximize Your ROI With Social Media Marketing Services in USA

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Your Brand?

Besides connecting with people, social media is a digital decision-making platform to boost your business's online presence. It's a platform that allows you to get noticed at the right time and place. Our social media experts in the USA curate a meticulously comprehensive and customized social media marketing strategy earmarked for the growth of your brand.


As per statistics, people spend more time using social media than eating or socializing using other methods over their lifetime. 


  • Over 4 billion people actively use social media worldwide. 

  • 84% of US adults between 18 to 29 actively use social media. 81% - of those between 30 to 49, and 73% aged between 50 to 64 years old. 

  • On average, people spend 2.5 hours per day on social media platforms. 


Social Media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., have become a melting pot of people worldwide and have become the perfect marketplace to build and grow your brand. 


As a social media marketing agency from California, united states, we are responsible for strategizing and developing content for the various social media platforms to reinforce your brand value by building a robust online community and improving customer engagement levels. We collect and analyze your social media data to develop effective social media marketing plans.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Are you seeking an effective way to expand your business through social media? Then you have landed in the right place! Our social media marketing company creates fresh ideas, content, and strategies to fulfill the goals your business wants to achieve via social media marketing platforms. We devise strategies and implement them based on your objectives by increasing brand awareness, getting leads or new customers, boosting engagement, etc.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe for promoting your brand. Our social media management company can ideally help you manage your social media to gain more followers, generate leads, increase traffic, and make conversions.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Did you know - Pinterest was ranked as one of the top 10 brands in the United States. It was the only social media platform in the top ten. If you want to leverage Pinterest, Pravaah Consulting is your ultimate solution. We offer new-age digital solutions that can help upscale your business on Pinterest.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Did you know - that 92% of adults use email services? Email marketing can be a highly efficient and cost-effective way to generate leads when done correctly. Our full-service social media marketing company works hand-in-hand with your team to ensure that your business meets your marketing goal.

Content Writing

Content Writing

All your digital marketing channels require is compelling content to communicate your unique message across social media platforms. Our social media team performs extensive research, understands your brand, and crafts valuable content to accomplish your marketing goals.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

Having a Google My Business /Google Business Profile account is crucial for businesses that depend on their location for their services. Our social media experts and SEO experts ensure that your business complies with all the norms and regulations that help your business get to the top of Google's local business search page.


Our Social Media Marketing Process

An effective social media marketing strategy plays a significant role in flourishing your brand and boosting sales. Your social media marketing plan needs original ideas, a solid targeting strategy, a customer engagement strategy, and proper performance evaluation to succeed at your marketing goals. Our top-notch social media agency can help you in this area as we follow a decent social media marketing process to help you get there.

Discovery & Research

Research guides us before we climb the ladder to craft social media marketing strategies for your business. We get to know your brand, and what tone of voice is suitable for your business. We analyze your online presence and examine your branding and SEO strategies. Our Social Media Specialist experts evaluate your performance on social media platforms.

Content Development

After conducting proper research, our experts work out the possible marketing channels to maximize your reach. At this stage, we create a plan for your entire social media, and once reviewed by you; we will move ahead with the content creation process. Once you approve the content, our dedicated team will post it with an interactive write-up and effective hashtags to drive traffic to your page.

Advertising Campaigns

After successfully creating and posting your content, we run targeted ad campaigns on your page to divert your niche towards your page and generate sales. PPC ad campaigns are run keeping in mind specific objectives such as increasing followers, getting more likes, driving traffic to your website, promoting your product, or driving traffic to your store.

Evaluation & Optimization

After content development and social media ad campaigns, the next step is to evaluate your social media performance and optimize it. We use several analytics tools to measure the progress, which helps us modify and improve our existing plans to deliver better results.

Benefits of choosing pravaah consulting as your social media marketing company

Benefits of choosing pravaah consulting as your social media marketing company

Create New Connections To Strengthen Your Brand!

Over time, we've watched social media grow with technological advancements and increasing user demand. Social media provides brands with a massive platform to reinforce their online presence and build a sense of community. Pravaah Consulting aims to increase your following, connect your brand with your target audience, and expand your reach. Partner with our best social media marketing agency to get you the following benefits:

Versatile Experience

Pravaah Consulting has expertise in several market areas, including B2C and B2B. We cater to all business sizes, from SMBs to large-scale. Our team strives to exceed your expectations while giving your brand a robust social media presence through exhaustive research and analysis.

Personalized Social Media Strategy

Enhance your social media engagement with our customized social media strategies to fit your budget and needs. Our social media experts recognize your target audience to develop effective social media marketing plans that result in high ROI.

Dedicated Profile Managers

Pravaah Consulting delegates specific expertise for your social media handle depending on your business requirements. We could assign more social media marketing specialists for your brand based on your business objectives. Our assigned teams will be in touch with you through phone or email as you prefer.

Social Media Performance Review

Our tailored social media performance review includes a social media campaign analysis that gives a complete overview of how well the ad performed on your social media.

Complete Transparency

At Pravaah Consultancy, we believe in maintaining complete transparency so that you can watch how our efforts are enhancing your business revenue. We render an in-depth social media plan breakdown so that you know what techniques we will incorporate to achieve your business goals.

Our clients

We offer social media marketing services to our clients; we constantly measure our strategic performance and conversions across various social media marketing channels. This data gives us real-time information to help us improve our strategies to match your business goals. As a top social media marketing company in the USA, we are proud to have affiliations with several brands, such as below:


Are You Ready To Dominate The Market With The Best Social Media Marketing Strategies? Let’s Build Your Online Presence Today!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are organic and paid marketing?

A: Organic marketing refers to sharing content on social media platforms that all users can view on their feed for free. This type of marketing focuses on getting more reach by organic approaches such as setting targeted keywords and hashtags, offering informative content, etc. At the same time, paid marketing refers to sharing specific content to targeted audiences who will most likely be interested in your boosted ads.

Q: How is social media marketing essential for my business?

A: Social media marketing has become the most effective form of marketing over time. Social media platforms are extensively used by most people worldwide. And since social media networks are accessible to everyone, this helps your business reach more people and engage them in a short time and cost-effectively. Our social media marketing agency will help you extend your reach to your prospective customers by using strategic and agile approaches.

Q: What is the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing?

A: Many use the terms - social media marketing & digital marketing interchangeably. However, both are different. While social media marketing is part of digital marketing, digital marketing is a broad concept that encompasses the entire digital ecosystem, including SEO, PPC, website, mobile app marketing, etc.

Q: Which social media marketing platforms should I use?

A: Before thinking about which platforms you should use, you need to know your target audience. You must determine where your target audience is investing their time and interacting with the most. Later, you must think about whether that platform sets the tone for your business' image. If you are baffled, our social media team will help you figure out the aptest platform for your business.

Q: Why should I hire a social media marketing company?

A:  Partnering with an experienced social media agency like Pravaah Consulting gives you an edge to create innovative content and design the best ad campaigns for your business that will help extend the reach and engage your potential clients. Our immense expertise in social media allows you to grow your social media presence using specific tools and evaluate their outcomes to improve your performance.