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Every day, nearly 4 billion people globally use email services for communication. Are you leveraging the power of email marketing services in your business strategy? If not, our email marketing agency in California, USA, can help you innovate and grow while connecting your brand with your target audience at the right time to increase conversions. Take the chance to build compelling emails and newsletters for your valuable customers. Work with our email marketing experts to ensure your success! Pravaah Consulting, a full-service email marketing service provider, offers end-to-end solutions.

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The Importance Of Email Marketing For Your Business

Many wonder about the relevance of email marketing when social media channels are easily accessible and social media users & social media marketing have grown enormously. However, the significance of email marketing for your business cannot be underestimated. Did you know - 44% of users look into their emails for brand promotions while only 4% visit social media for the same. Even today, people check their emails to find exclusive offers and discounts from brands they follow.  Do you want to know more about several advantages that email marketing entails? With the innumerable benefits that email marketing offers, you are not far from making more conversions for your business. The following are a few reasons why you should invest in email marketing services for your business:

Establishescustomer relationships

​Establishes Relationships

Building solid relationships requires consistent interactions with your customers, and email marketing makes it possible for your business to generate customer loyalty while driving conversions. You can establish strong relationships by making them feel special once in a while by sending them a special offer and card on their birthday or anniversary.

Personalized Communication

Personalized Communication

While conventional marketing focuses on delivering a message to large audiences, email marketing enables you to compose a personalized email and offer discounts based on location, occasions, and other factors. Our email marketing company helps you segregate your customers into proper email lists to help your target groups.

Perfomance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Email platforms allow you to track bounce rates, click-through rates, open rates, delivery rates, and unsubscribe rates, giving you a better understanding of your campaign performance. At Pravaah Consulting, our email marketing specialists can interpret the numbers and improve them to reach your target audiences better.

Cost effective


Email marketing costs for small businesses are lower than conventional marketing—no need to distribute any postage for your campaigns. Marketing and engaging with an existing customer is 6 to 12 times less costly than other marketing platforms, such as social media and paid advertising.

Wondering what features are included in our Email Marketing Services?

What can you expect from our Email Marketing Services?

At Pravaah Consulting, we offer your business full-service email marketing services, including a customized email template, expert copywriting services, and high-end analytics tracking and reporting.

Creating participants’ email list

At Pravaah Consulting, we offer an SEO strategy unique to your business objectives and website. Our email marketing experts work closely with you to add participants to your email list and segment clients. We use several social media platforms and paid strategies to expand your reach and ensure we have a new client list before every new email marketing campaign.

Designing bespoke & ready-made templates

At Pravaah Consulting, our email marketing team analyzes what content your users interact and engage with on your website. We work with talented designers to create ready-made or customized email template layouts that match your brand aesthetics.

Customizing email content creation

We work hand-in-hand with your team to write valuable content for your target audience. Our experts implement several strategies to increase engagement, such as offering giveaways and running content. Our content marketing writers and designers create content to derive maximum traffic and conversions to your website.

Testing email campaigns

A/B split testing is a significant part of your email marketing campaign- everything is covered under split tests, from the subject to content and the call-to-action button. Even the tiniest variations can cause considerable changes in the click-through rate (CTR) and open rates. Hence, our team ensures that the testing is done right to avert problems.

Evaluating Performance

Our team tracks open rates, CTRs, engagement rate, social sharing, spam rate, and more to evaluate your email campaign performance. After testing and the email campaign are executed, our team begins analyzing and optimizing the email metrics and finding loopholes to improve results.

Advanced email marketing services

Our advanced email marketing strategies include:


  1. Automated email marketing

  2. Customer win-back campaigns

  3. Customer retention emails

  4. Web activity campaigns

Why Choose Pravaah Consulting For Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Foster growth with our matchless services!

Pravaah Consulting is one of the top-rated email marketing companies in the USA, offering top-notch email marketing services at budget-friendly rates. We connect with our clients to understand their needs and craft email marketing campaign that fulfill their business objectives. Partnering with us ensures you receive the best service for email marketing.

Experienced Specialists

At Pravaah Consulting, our email marketing specialists possess years of experience using several email marketing platforms. We constantly research and examine trending email marketing platforms and strategies to offer you the best services. Our finesse and skillsets ensure that your email campaigns reach the right audience and evoke them to take action.

Customized Approach

Our email marketing agency understands that the best service depends upon understanding your target audiences’ needs, wants, and demands. Hence, we conduct extensive research and utilize advanced tools to segment your clients and ensure your emails reach the right audience at the right time.

Detailed Performance Reports

At Pravaah Consulting, we set up campaigns customized to your unique needs. Our team manages your email campaigns effectively and provides you with an in-depth custom report that tells you the traffic received to your website and conversions generated. You can check the campaign results by looking into your Google Analytics monthly reports.

Full-Service Campaign Management

Our email marketing agency follows an agile and result-oriented approach to ensure we deliver promised results. Do you need a hand in drip marketing, automation email marketing, or Shopify email marketing? At Pravaah Consulting, we offer an all-inclusive package, and you can choose whatever suits the best for your business to achieve your marketing goals.

A/B Testing

Apart from creating and launching content for your email marketing campaigns, our experts ensure that your email campaign delivers significant outcomes as they test every aspect of your email campaign. Doing so enables the email marketing team to determine the best approach for your email marketing campaign and craft strategies accordingly.

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